These images show various areas of the tula (all are copyright Chris Holden 1997-2007). Click on the image to see it full size.

A stead house:
A stead house

The chief's hall:
Chieftan's Hall

Woodcraft area of the Chief's stead:

Another view of the crafters tools:
Craft tools

Another stead house:
Another stead house

Inside the stead house:
Stored gear

The spear, knife and shield of a fyrdsman in storage:

Entrance to the clan's sacred barrow:
Barrow Entrance

Close-up of the barrow entrance:
Closeup of entrance

The south hunting grounds:
South hunting grounds:

The valley hunting grounds:
Valley hunting grounds

Duckbill fungus. Seen as an omen in the area - the neighbouring clan the Squirrel Eaters (that's their nickname, as they are squirrel eating stick-pickers) see it as an opportunity to hunt durulz, while it means something quite different on this tula:
Duckbill fungus

Many of these images first appeared on my now defunct Angl-Saxon history website. The steads are in fact houses photographed at West Stow Anglo-Saxon village. The barrow is in fact Wayland's Smithy. The huntlands are areas of King's Forest, and Thetford Forest where I happened to be walking my dogs.

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